About us.

CHUA BROTHERS WINDSCREEN SPECIALIST (CBWS) was incorporated in 2003. Since it’s establishment, cbws has never looked back. Cbws has a pool of experienced and competent technicians that have been working in the industry for more than 20 years.

cbws from time to time , has been working closely with car principles and manufacturers to develop beneficial products services that can fulfill the market requirements. We are able to offer the highest level of expertise and highest quality parts. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority.

cbws is working hard and will continuosly improve to become the top leader in the industry.

Kedai Tukar Cermin Kereta - TTDI, Kepong, & Shah Alam
Kedai Tukar Cermin Kereta - Chua Brothers Windscreen Specialist
Kedai Tukar Cermin Kereta

Kedai Tukar Cermin Kereta

Chua Brothers Windscreen Specialist ditubuhkan dengan tujuan untuk memberi pelanggan penyelesaian cermin kereta yang berkualiti dan lancar. Selain itu, kami juga menekankan pentingnya menawarkan penyelesaian cermin kereta yang tepat untuk memenuhi keperluan kaca kenderaan anda.Kami memastikan bahawa anda menerima perkhidmatan yang berkualiti di kedai tukar cermin kereta kami. Buat janji temu hari ini dan hantarkan kereta anda ke kedai tukar cermin kereta Chua Brothers yang berada di TTDI, Kepong, atau Shah Alam!