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Chua Brothers Windscreen SpecialistSdn Bhd is a tint shop Kepong-based. We provide a variety of services that cover a wide range of automotive mirror-related topics. Our Kepong tinted shop branch provides the following services: vehicle windshield repair, car side mirror replacement, car windshield tinting service, sunroof replacement, road tax renewal, and auto insurance renewal. Many people are unaware that the quality of the vehicle mirror is critical to ensuring the safety of the driver and passengers. This is because of the safety features placed on the windshield.

One of the primary functions of a windshield is to provide the driver with a view that is free of obstructions. Vehicle mirrors also protect those within the vehicle from foreign stuff from outside, such as dust, rocks, trash, rain, and so on. In the case of a collision, the windshield’s function is to sustain the pressure generated by the airbag and avoid the driver and passenger from being flung out of the vehicle. In circumstances where there is rubble, vehicle mirrors can protect the roof of the car from collapsing into the car and collapsing on persons inside. As a result, both the driver and the passengers in the vehicle will be safe.

tint shop kepong
kepong tinted shop

Tinting Specialist Kepong

Chua Brothers Windscreen Specialist is a one-stop professional tinting service provider. Ultra Violet (UV) protection can also be supplied by vehicle mirrors. Even if they must spend a lengthy period in the vehicle, drivers and passengers can limit their risk of UV radiation exposure. This can be accomplished by applying a dark coloured coating, sometimes known as tint, to each corner of your car windshield. This is another purpose of vehicle mirrors that many consumers and car owners ignore. As a Kepong tinted shop windshield specialist, we are committed to ensuring that each and every service and product we provide meets government standards and meets the demands of every consumer who visits our business. Please contact our tint shop Kepong right away to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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