Windshield Repair & Car Window Glass Replacement

Windscreen Replacement

Windscreen Replacement 更换挡风玻璃镜

It’s important to have your cracked or broken windscreen replaced and fitted properly by using quality adhesive and materials to guarantee that your windscreens are fitted securely. That is why Chua Brothers provides door to door windshield repair  – when our customers are unable to come to us, we go to them to provide top-notch car window glass replacement services. So, take a breather and call us up if you need your windscreen replaced.

Windscreen Repair

Windscreen Repair 修复挡风玻璃镜

It is just as important for you to ensure that your windscreen repairs are done properly as it will provide you with a hindrance-free driving experience. Whether your car sustained cracked, chipped or broken windscreen or window glass, it is advisable to bring your car in and have it fixed. Luckily, Chua brothers is equipped with the tools and knowledge to grant our customers with a seamless car window glass replacement.

Window Glass Replacement

Car Window Glass Replacement 汽车玻璃窗更换

Our window glasses can be damaged due to vandalism, theft and accidents. But, worry not we will have your car windows replaced in a jiffy! Whether you come into our workshop or take up our car window glass replacement service, our technicians will thoroughly inspect your windows and remove the door panels to inspect the rest of your glass windows. Once the panels are removed, our technicians will vacuum the debris and ensure that the newly fitted car window glass replacements are properly installed.

Window Tinting Services

Window Tinting Services 汽车隔热膜服务

Did you know that having your car windows tinted can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays? Many drivers often have their car windows tinted to protect the interior of the car. But, you will also be giving your delicate skin some love and care too! That is why we only offer our customers high quality window tints that adhere to the legal standards and yet still provide you with ample shield from the harmful UV rays.

Dark & Clear Screen Replacement

Dark & Clear Screen Replacement 黑白镜更换

Need your window screens replaced to guarantee that it abides the VLT standards for windscreens and car windows? At Chua Brothers, we assist our customers to have their screen replacements done just in time for a car inspection. Currently, the rules state that the VLT percentage for windscreen is 70% and for other windows is 50%. Before you bring your car to your next inspection, let us help replace your screens to ensure it follows the legal standards.

Sunroof Replacement

Sunroof Replacement 更换天窗

There’s no denying that having a sunroof is like having another window in your car. But, like all windows, your sunroof can sustain damage from breakage, failing gaskets — which can cause air and water leaks — as well as failing electronics. Since the sunroof is a horizontal surface that collects dirt and debris easily, it definitely requires expert maintenance to stay in tip-top condition. Drivers, if your sunroof is due for a replacement, then come on over to our workshop.

Roadtax / Insurance Renewal

Roadtax / Insurance Renewal 路税/保险更新

Chua Brothers strives to be the one-stop auto centre for our customers! That is why we offer our customers with road tax and insurance renewal services. We understand that sometimes you are rushing to have your road tax and insurance renewed before it is due. But, worry not! Our administrative team will not only send you a reminder — they will also help to prepare and submit the paperworks on your behalf.

Door-to-door windshield repair & replacement

Door-to-door windshield repair & installation service 上门挡风玻璃维修安装服务

We understand that sometimes your work takes up most of your time, leaving you with no time to maintain your car. Don’t worry! Our door to door windshield repair and installation services is the perfect auto service for drivers who are in need of a car window glass replacement in a flash. That’s right! Our skilful technicians will bring their tools and relevant parts to your doorsteps and have your car windows replaced on the spot without taking too much of your valuable time.

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Door-to-door windshield repair